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Housing and Board


On-Campus Housing

Otis College of Art and Design is one of Southern California’s most desirable communities. Students who sign up for housing will have the opportunity to live on campus, with many restaurants and shops within walking distance, and just minutes from the beach.

Housing Options

The Residence Hall

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看The Residence Hall is primarily for first year students. The Residence Hall offers students the opportunity to live with peers and fully immerse themselves in a community of artists and designers. With multiple lounge spaces, students have the ability to engage with a diverse population and meet people they may otherwise never met. Living on campus is a great way to stay close to classes, and helps with the transition of being in college

Park West Apartments

The affiliated Park West Apartments are conveniently located across the street from campus. Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Graduate students are able to live with other Otis College students in an apartment setting. Living at Park West allows students to gain more responsibility of living on their own (such as cooking), while we still manage the apartment details and assist with any issues. 

Special Interest Communities

What is a Special Interest Community?

Special Interest Communities provide an opportunity for students sharing common interest or passion to learn and develop as a community. This living arrangement creates a unique community with the opportunity to engage and build relationships with peers with similar interests and/or lifestyles. Special Interest Communities offer intentional programming that encourage personal and professional development. Each community will have a dedicated Resident Assistant and Professional Staff to foster community development, lead engaging programs, and partner with other departments and offices on campus to offer exciting events and workshops.

Once students complete their housing application, they will have the ability to choose from the following Special Interest Communities:


Leadership and Service Community

Residents will be immersed in a community that embraces all aspects of leadership and engages in acts of service throughout the academic year within and beyond the Otis College Community.

Located in the Residence Hall; open to foundation students only.



2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Healthy Living Community

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Residents with a passion for wellness and a healthy living style will be engaged in a variety of health-related programming, initiatives, and events. 

Located in Park West Apartments; open to all students.


Housing Cost

2020-21 Residence Hall Cost
Room Type Semester Cost Academic Year
Shared Room $5,620 $11,240
Private Room $11,240 $22,480

Students are required to live on campus the entire academic year. 
All Residence Hall students are required to have a meal plan. Foundation students must have at least a 14 meal plan. Sophomore students and above must have at least a 10 meal plan. 

2020-2021 Park West Housing Cost
Room Type Semester Cost Academic Year
Shared Apartment $6,195 $12,390
Private Apartment $12,390 $24,780

Students are required to live on campus for the academic year. 
All Foundation students are required to have at least a 14 meal plan. Sophomore students and above may can opt into a meal plan.

Additional Housing Fees:

  • Application fee: $150 due to apply for housing
  • Park West Damage Deposit: $300 due before moving into housing (students living at Park West only)
  • Meal Plan: Price varies based on the meal plan selection.

Meal Plans

Students living in the Residence Hall are required to purchase a meal plan. The meal plan can be used in Elaine’s Dining Commons. Students purchase a plan based on the number of meals per week. All foundation students in the Residence Hall are required to have a 14 meal plan, with the option to upgrade to the 17 meal plan. Students in or beyond their second year are required to have a 10 meal plan, with the option to upgrade to a 14 or 17 meal plan. Foundation students living at Park West are required to have at least a 10 meal plan, with the option to upgrade to a higher plan. More information about dining and meal plans can be found here.  More information about Bon Appetit can be found by visiting their .


 Meal Plan Costs

 Fall 2020

 Spring 2021

 Academic Year

 10 Meal Plan + $100 Dining Dollars




2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看 14 Meal Plan + $150 Dining Dollars




2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看 17 Meal Plan + $150 Dining Dollars




2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看All meal plans come with a predetermined amount of dining dollars. Dining Dollars are bonus money added to a students’ ID card when they purchase a 17, 14, or 10 meal plan. Dining Dollars can be used in Elaine’s Dining Commons of the Rose Hills Foundation Cafe.


How do I Apply for Housing

When paying the tuition deposit, students have the ability to also pay the $150 Housing Application Fee at Once the Office of Residence Life and Housing receive the application fee payment, students will receive an email notifying them that they can login to the housing portal ( to begin completing their housing application. Students are encouraged to pay the Fall 2020 housing application fee by May 1st and complete the housing applications by May 4th, as housing is expceted to fill quickly. Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing by email at or by calling 310.846.2647.

Off-Campus Housing

Where do Otis College students stay off campus?

You can view a list of our online Classifieds here.


Below is a list of different apartment complexes in the neighborhood:

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Parkwest Apartments

9400 La Tijera Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Phone: (844) 639- 2755

Studio-2 Bed, 1-2 Bath

Starting from $1,730


2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Across the street from campus

Archstone Marina del Rey

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看4157 Via Marina, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Phone: (888) 502- 0194

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看1-2 Bed, 1-2 Bath

709 - 1450 sq. ft

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Starting from $2,400

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看3.59 miles from campus


Mariposa at Playa del Rey Apartments

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看8700 Pershing Dr. Playa del Rey, CA 90293

Phone: (888) 415- 4838

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看1-2 Bed, 1-2 Bath

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看710 – 1,213 sq. ft

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Starting from $2,320

1.5 miles from campus


Vintage at 425 Broadway Apartments

425 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Phone: (866) 494- 0081

Studio-1 Bed, 1 Bath

285 – 600 sq. ft

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Starting from $2,470

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看11.2 miles from campus


2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Belle Fontaine Apartments

4077 Glencoe Ave, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Phone: (888) 412- 8712

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看1-3 Bed, 1-2 Bath

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看711-1,447 sq. ft

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Starting from $2,070

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看2.8 miles from campus


Playa Del Oro Apartments

8601 Lincoln Blvd., Lost Angeles, CA 90045

Phone: (310) 337-0800

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Studio-3 bed, 1-2 bath

551-1725 sq. ft.

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看Starting from $2025

0.2 miles from campus


Mariner’s Village

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看4600 Via Marina , Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Phone: (877) 272- 5316

Studio-3+ Bed, 1-2.5 Bath

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看457-2,164 sq. ft

Starting from $1,845

4.3 miles from campus


Mirabella Apartment Homes

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看13701 Marina Point Dr., Marina del Rey CA 90292

Phone: (310) 889- 0794

1-3 Bed, 1-2 Bath

630-1685 sq. ft

Starting from $2,498

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看2.5 miles from campus


Crescent Park at Playa Vista

5710 Crescent Park West, Playa Vista, 90094

Phone: (424) 289- 6735

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看1-2 Bed, 1-2 Bath

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看622-922 sq. ft

Starting from $2400

1.6 miles from campus


The Westerly on Lincoln

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看13603 Marina Pointe Drive, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Phone: (844) 648- 5225

Studio-2 Bed, 1-2 Bath

380-1,260 sq. ft

Starting from $1,923

2019无一本道码在线播放_久久久2019一本高清18岁_2019一本道在线观看2.5 miles from campus

Contact the Housing Office

(310) 846-2647